We focus on products and services that are meaningful to your employees and give them real world value. This boosts engagement and delivers improved ROI.




A bespoke reward catalogue demonstrates your commitment to your staff, enabling managers to reward and recognise people for their contributions.




Designing the right employee benefits package for your staff will help retain your most valuable assets and differentiate your business when recruiting.

Shaping the future of employee benefits

‘ We develop benefits strategies that compliment your core brand values whilst adding real world value to help improve the lives of your employees and their families. ‘
Listen, Learn and Grow

We pride ourselves on our ability to listen to our customers, learn what they need to help them build a cohesive employee benefits strategy, and understand what their staff want from a premium benefits package.

Only then can we grow a benefits platform around the needs of the business and their staff.

The right tools

The ability to have the right products and services for engaging your staff is crucial, and having the right tools to be able to manage your employee benefits platform is critical.

We empower your HR team to manage any scheme with our comprehensive but light touch administration suite with enterprise level analytics and reporting.

Our Process

We support you throughout every step of the process with a dedicated and knowledgeable account manager.
Need advice? Schedule a call with one of our experts.

Tangible Benefits

We deliver benefit programmes that boost employee engagement and can be quantified by your business.

Money Saving

Employees typically save over £1,000 per year and the employer can benefit from NI savings, reduced recruitment costs and lower absenteeism and presenteeism rates.

Healthy Body and Mind

A combination of our health and wellbeing services help your staff stay fit both physically and mentally, reducing absenteeism and creating a happier work environment.

Retention and Recruitment

A great employee benefits, reward and recognition programme helps to retain key staff and attract the best talent.

Motivation and Morale

Staff that feel valued by their company through a comprehensive benefits package and a rewards and recognition programme are more motivated and achieve higher levels of productivity.

Work Life Balance

Achieving a happy work life balance can be difficult for many people, providing a comprehensive health and well being programme and benefits such as holiday exchange will help achieve that balance for your staff.

Positive Behaviours

Encourage positive behaviours in line with your company brand and core values through the intelligent use of our bespoke reward and recognition schemes.

Let us show you what Engage can offer your business.

Ongoing Management


Launching your new employee benefits platform is the start of a journey with Incahoot and we support your company and it’s staff with an agreed communications package via email, offline literature, events and more.


Your staff will benefit from a range of front line and back office support via live chat, a ticketing system, email, phone calls and meetings.
A dedicated account manager will be assigned to you and your back office team.


We regularly review our products and services to see how we can enhance or improve our client offerings. We can monitor your progress against agreed KPIs to optimise your benefits package and boost engagement.

In a recent Employee Report by Capita, they highlighted the following key facts:

Judge an employer by their wellbeing package

Of 25-34's find their employer benefits communications poor

Rank PMI as their No.1 employee benefit

Feel their employer should help with their wellbeing

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